Who We Are

At Griffin, we believe that farmers all over Zambia should be able to buy good quality products at the best possible prices. Prosperous and productive farmers are the key to the future of food and it’s our mission to support them as much as we can. To do this, we introduced an exciting new concept, a combination between an online e-commerce platform, a nationwide network of physical depots and village-based agents plus a crop-buying service. 

Our online platform ensures transparent pricing and offers free information about best agricultural practises. Our distribution network ensures quick delivery at the lowest possible prices to the doorstep of farmers all over Zambia. Whether you live in an urban area or in the rural country-side, we’re there to offer a vast array of goods from all major suppliers in Zambia. We pride ourselves on being able to supply everyone, from small scale farmers to large commercial farmers. Our crop-buying service assures you get the best price for your crops, collected close to your farm and paid at the time of collection.

Our aim is to supply reliable goods at a fair price in the quickest time possible, providing excellent customer service. With a background in the agri-sector, our professional and knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions, no matter how big or small your query. Please feel free to ask us any farming question that you have. Getting in contact with us is easy and doesn’t cost you anything.

Part of The CHC
Group of Companies

Our parent company, CHC Commodities, was founded in 2001, so you can be assured of our experience, local knowledge and commitment to Zambian farmers. CHC Commodities deals in commodities such as Maize, Wheat, Sorghum, Malting Barley, Groundnuts, Cassava and Soya Beans and provides a reliable and transparent pricing system. In line with its mission to build a better Africa together through innovative, responsible agriculture, CHC started Griffin Services in 2018.

5 Depots
40 Village-Based Agents

It all started with one shop in Mazabuka and grew to a network of 5 physical depots and 40 village-based agents in 2020, supported by an online e-commerce platform. We grow by getting a little better every day. Step by step, detail after detail. Not everything goes like clockwork the first time. We make mistakes and we learn. We are here for the long-term. Our success relies on your success.

Meet Our Team

“Dedicated to exceeding your expectations, our team goes the extra mile in making sure that you’re happy and satisfied with our products and services. We’re happy to help you choose which product to use and how to use it.”

“You can be assured that our wide range of products and equipment for crops, livestock and poultry is of first class quality. Also for our full range of hand tools, power tools, PPE and general consumables for all your other needs, we partner with high quality brands only.”

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