Frequently Asked Questions

1. Click & Collect, delivered to my doorstep. What does that mean?

It means that we deliver the products that you ordered to the nearest Griffin agent. This is a local shop in your town or village. You will receive an SMS when your order will be ready for collection.

You just have to go there. No more long and expensive trips to the city, we bring the products that you need conveniently nearby. For a detailed explanation on the way we work, click here.

2. Do the online prices include VAT?

Yes, they do. If VAT is applicable, it is included in the product price.

3. Do the online prices include delivery charges?

No, they don’t. Once you checkout, the delivery charges will be calculated based on your location. We try to keep the transport charges as low as possible and at the same time make sure that your goods are delivered as quick as possible without any damage. And as you know, nothing comes without a cost.

4. Does Griffin deliver all over Zambia?

We wish we did! It’s our strong ambition to serve farmers all over the country and you can be assured that we’re working on this. We will grow fast and expand the number of depots and agents quickly. Please have a look at the store locator to see if we serve your area already.

5. How can I place an order?

Add products to your shopping cart via the green “Add to cart” button. When products have more than one variant (such as packaging size, capacity, etc.), you first have to select the variant that you wish to order. After that, you can change the number of items you want to receive by using the ”+” and “-“ to change the quantity. After clicking on “Add to Cart”, the product is added to your cart.

No worries, before checking out, you can delete or change the quantity of each item that you put in the cart, so feel free to put everything you like in your cart, to later decide if you really want to buy it now. After putting something in your cart, you can go to checkout to finish your order or do some more shopping. To continue shopping, you can click on the menu or use the search box on top of the page.

To finish your order and go to the checkout page, you first click on the cart icon on top of the page and then on “Proceed to Checkout”. Here you can check your order, change the quantity and remove products from your cart. After changing your cart, click on “update cart”. The total amount that you see here is including VAT but without delivery charges.

6. How can I remove products from my cart?

In front of the products in your cart, you see a “x”, by clicking this the product will be removed and the total amount of your order will be recalculated.

7. What information does Griffin need from me when I place an order?

To help you find the nearest Griffin agent, we do need to know who you are and where you live. That’s why we ask you to share your name and the name of the village, city or town where you live. To keep you updated on the status of your order, we also ask you to submit your email address and phone number.

8. When do I have to pay and how?

You pay online, at the same moment that you order your products. We offer many different online payment options to choose from. If, in the unfortunate situation, that we cannot deliver (part of) your order, we will contact you and offer you a comparable alternative. If you prefer to be refunded, we will refund the money that you paid within 3-5 working days.

9. Can I return a product?

Yes, you can and it’s free! Although we do our best to supply as much product information as possible, and show a good, clear picture of the product, buying online always carries the risk that you receive something that doesn’t meet your expectations. We understand that this is disappointing and the last thing we want is to disappoint you. Please read the return policy on what to do to return a product for free.

10. What if I have a complaint?

Please contact our customer service. We are very sorry and will do everything to solve the problem. Our main goal is to help our customers and make them happy, so please share whatever you don’t like about us, our products or our service. Only then we can solve it and learn from it.

11. How do I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please contact us. If the order didn’t leave our warehouse yet, we can easily stop it and refund your money.

12. How can I compare products?

Select “Compare” on the product page to compare products you find interesting. If there are two or more products in your comparison, you can go to ‘View comparison’. You’re also welcome to one of our stores for personal advice.

13. The product I’m looking for is not on your website.

If you’re looking for a product that is not on your website, please ask us for a quote. We can buy anything that is available in Lusaka and are happy to quote you the price to deliver it to your nearest store.

Learn about our shop details and policies.

Buying Your Product

Griffin delivers the products that you need at your doorstep. You can shop now and order your products online. You can pay by mobile money or bank transfer.

• After placing your order, you receive an order confirmation by email
• 2-3 days later you receive an SMS that your order is ready
• You go to your chosen Griffin pick-up point and collect your order

Returning Your Product

Returning your product is easy. We do accept returns up to 14 days after receiving your products. See our return policy. You have 2 options:

• Exchange your product for another product
• Return your product for free
• We will process your return as soon as possible!

Money-Back Guarantee

When (part of) your order is not available or if you return a product we refund your money within 7 working days.

Secure Checkout

Our checkout process is 100% secure. We offer secure checkout via Mobile Money and Bank Transfer for your

Product Warranty

We stand behind everything we do! If you’re not satisfied with our products, visit the Contact page and let us know what we can do for you.

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