Aceto 900Ec 1L

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Emulsifiable concentrate herbicide for the pre-emergence control of annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in maize, Eucalyptus, potatoes, sugarcane and groundnuts.

Composition: Acetochlor (chloroacetanilide) 900g/L


Clay% Acetochlor L/Ha
0 – 10 0.5
11 – 20 0.75 – 1.0
21 – 30 1.0
> 30 Not recommended


Application: Shake the container before use. Half fill the spray tank with clean water then add the required amount of Acetochlor and stir thoroughly. When using tank mixes, mix the required volume of chemicals to be tank mixed with a little water before adding to the spray tank. Then fill the spray tank to the correct volume with water. Do not mix the products as concentrates. Ensure thorough agitation before and during spraying. Spray the mixture immediately after mixing and do not allow it to stand for a long period.

Acetochlor can be applied by means of a tractor drawn boom sprayer or equivalent equipment fitted with a choice and arrangement of fan-type spray nozzles ensuring even distribution and good recovery of spray mixture onto the soil. Apply in at least 200L water/ ha. Ideally, acetochlor must be applied immediately following planting but not later than 5 days after planting. Continual rain or sprinkler irrigation of at least 15 mm is needed after application to leach the herbicide into the soil where weed seeds germinate. If, however, rainfall does not occur in time and weeds begin to emerge and develop, a shallow cultivation must be carried out to destroy these weeds and to mix the herbicide with the upper 10 – 20 mm of soil. To ensure good weed control the seedbed must be fine, firm, and free of any existing weed growth or excessive crop residues at to application. It can be used effectively on conservation tillage lands.


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