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ZK533.74 - ZK7,578.16

Controls ticks and has a detaching effect. Kills lice, controls flies; biting flies, face flies, and protects against screw-worm infestation in cattle.

Oxpecker- compatible

Active Ingredients: Cymiazol 17,5% m/v and Cypermethrin 2,5% m/v


Do not use with any other dip

Premix by adding the measured amount of concentrate slowly to double the volume of water and mix thoroughly by stirring

Add the premix to the bulk of water in the diptank or spray race sump. Make sure that in case of plunge tanks, the larger volume is poured in at the deep end

Mix contents of tank well before commencing sipping of spraying.

Dipping intervals:

For ticks, flies and screw-worm, dip or spray weekly. For lice, dip or spary when necessary.


Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption within 7 days of the last treatment.

No milk withdrawal


Dilution rates:

Method Freshfill Replenish
Plunge 1.5L Bantik / 1000L water 3L Bantik / 1000L water
Spray race 1.5L Bantik / 1000L water 1.5L Bantik / 1000L water
Handspraying 15ml Bantik/10L water 15ml/10L



Spray races: Mix only enough spray wash for one treatment and do not allow wash to stand over to the next spraying.

Boosting: Boosting of spray wash is accomplished by adding 200ml after every 100 head of cattle

Hand spraying: Thoroughly wet the animal to the skin, especially under the tail, ears and between the legs where ticks cluster.

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100ml, 1L, 5L, 20L

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