Bullet 1L

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Suspension concentrate herbicide for pre- and early post emerge control of annual weeds in maize.

Composition: Acetochlor 250g/L, Atrazine 225g/L, Terbuthylazine 225g/L


Maize: The control of certain broadleaf weeds and annual grasses where crab finger grass (Digitaria sanguinalis) is a problem

Clay % Bullet L/Ha
0– 10 1.8 – 2.25
11 – 15 2.25 – 2.75
16 – 20 2.75 – 3,5
21 – 30 3,5 – 4.25
31 – 40 4.0 – 5.0
> 40 Not recommended


Application:  Ensure that spray equipment is accurately calibrated and regularly checked before and during the spraying operation. 10 – 15 mm rain within 7 to 10 days after application is necessary for good weed control. For optimum weed control, seedbed preparation should take place within 3 days before planting. Followed immediately by the Bullet application, 10 – 15 mm rain or irrigation within 3 days to wash the herbicide into the zone of germinating weeds will ensure optimum weed control. Under dry conditions, weed seedlings may emerge. These are usually stunted and can be controlled with either a shallow cultivation, which also mixes the herbicide with the top 10 -20 mm of soil, or with a recommended post-emerge herbicide treatment.

Any cultivation after application may reduce weed control especially if untreated soil is brought to the surface. If soil crusting becomes a problem apply a rotary harrow in the same direction the rows are planted, to assist maize emergence. Ensure that sufficient fertilizer is placed near the seed at planting to promote vigorous seedling growth. This is especially important with early planting when the soil temperature is relatively low accompanied by continuous moist conditions. Use 100 – 300 L/ha total spray volume for overall ground application. Dosage rates and spray volumes should be adjusted accordingly for on the row band treatments.

Pre-emergence: Apply Bullet or tank mixtures thereof in maize at planting or immediately after planting. Do not apply later than three days after last cultivation and planting. Cultivation before application.

Post emergence: For early post emergence application broadleaf weeds must not be larger than the 4-leaf stage. If broadleaf weeds have developed beyond the 4-leaf stage or grasses are present, the weeds must first be destroyed by a cultivation before the application.

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