Chlorpyriphos 480Ec 1L

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Emulsifiable concentrate insecticide for the control of pests in vegetables and grains such as carrot, lettuce, sorghum, beans, maize.

Composition: Chlorpyrifos 480g/L (Organophosate)


Carrot/ Potato: 1L/ha

Tomato: 150ml – 200ml

Beans/ Grain Sorghum: 10ml/100m row length or 3L water

Maize – Black beetle: 10ml/100m row length or 3L water

Stalkborer: 3.5ml/100m row length or 3L water


Carrot/Potato: Apply as an overall application when plants emerge. Repeat application at intervals of 2 – 3 weeks. Apply in at least 500L water/ha.

Tomato: Apply as a full cover spray and repeat every 7 days. When a heavy American bollworm infestation occurs, a higher dose is recommended. Repeat this application every 7 days until pests are under control. Thereafter continue spraying at the lower dosage rate (150 ml) every 7      days.

Beans/ Grain Sorghum: Spray into the plant furrow just behind the planter shoe before closing the furrow.

Maize: Early planting: Apply when 5% of the plants are infested with eggs or when 10% plants show “shot hole” damage. If control of this infestation is delayed too long, the larvae may be protected inside the stalk and poor results can be expected.

Late planting: Apply the first spray 30 – 35 days after planting and repeat 14 days later.

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