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Injectable solution against liver fluke and round worm in beef cattle and wireworm, nasalwormlarvae and hookworm in sheep. Cattle/sheep 7.5%. Prescription only.

Active ingredients: Closantel 7.5% m/v


Liver Fluke and Roundworm remedy for cattle with the residual action against re-infestation of wireworm, hookworm, and nodular worm.

Dosage: 1ml/30kg. Can be used in all classes of cattle, irrespective of age, diet, condition, pregnancy, sex, breed or normal management practices. By subcutaneous injection at the side of the neck or by intramuscular injection in any large muscle group using a 15-16G needle 2.5cm in length. Do not exceed 20ml per injection site.

Warnings: Not for use in milk cows if milk is intended for human consumption. Allow 30 days between last injection and slaughter for human consumption.


Controls wireworm for 21 days, nasal worm larvae and hookworm. Aids in the control of wireworm for 35 days. Controls adult liver fluke and aids in the control of immature liver fluke.

Dosage: Sheep: 1ml/15kg. Subcutaneous injection into loose skin behind the shoulder blade.

Warnings: Do not use milk from treated animals for human consumption. Allow 28 days between last injection and slaughter for human consumption.

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