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ZK33.60 - ZK239.85

Livestock dip and spray for the control of animal ectoparasites.

Active Ingredients:  Cypermethrin 15% EC

Plunge dip/Spray race:

For fresh fill: 500ml cypdip/500L water. Replenishment: 500ml or 375ml Cypdip/ 500L water

Add the required amount of cypdip to an equal quanitity of water in a bucket or drum. Stir well and add the creamy emulsion to the dip tank or spray race sump. Agitate by stirring and then pass through 20 to 30 animals to ensure proper mixing. Redip the animals.

For a spray race, better results are obtained when the spray mixture is not carried over from one spraying to the next. Prepare sufficient mixture for one treatment.

Hand spraying: Add 1ml per 1L water. Apply 5L solution per animal. Wet the animals thoroughly especially the ears, under the tail and brush of the tail.

Dipping intervals: Dip the animals every 7 days during heavy tick challenge and every 14 days during low tick challenge. The dipping schedule will also control lice, manage and biting flies.

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100ml, 1L

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