Ecofluke 5L

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Liver fluke remedy against immature and adult liver fluke and giant liver fluke in cattle, sheep and goats.

Ecofluke kills all ages of the liver fluke from 2 weeks old and is, therefore, indicated in the treatment of acute and chronic outbreaks. Treat all cattle, sheep and goats with Ecofluke before introduction to potentially dangerous pastures to prevent contamination of the pasture and infestation of the freshwater snail intermediate host.

Tips to treat liver fluke in catlle, sheep and goats with Ecofluke:

Cattle, sheep and goats on infested pastures must be treated with Ecofluke every 8 weeks to break the life cycle of the liver fluke and protect the liver. In this way liver fluke cysts are removed from the pasture and the developing flukes destroyed before they can lay eggs.

Treat all cattle, sheep and goats with Ecofluke about 2 weeks after removal from infested pastures.

Late winter treatment in August with Ecofluke of animals exposed to liver fluke during the previous summer is aimed at the elimination of carriers and prevention of re-infestation of the freshwater snail.

Treat all cattle, sheep and goats with Ecofluke in November/December and before the end of summer (March/April) before exposing cattle, sheep and goats to pastures infested with freshwater snails. This prevents the snails from becoming infested by carrier-animals.

Treat all newly acquired cattle, sheep and goats with Ecofluke before introducing to the flock.


Active Ingredients: Triclabendazole 10% m/v

Dosage: 6ml per 50kg in cattle. 1ml per 10kg in sheep and goats.


Milk – Safe for human consumption after 14 days.

Do not slaughter cattle, sheep or goats for human consumption within 28 days of last                      treatment.

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