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ZK57.57 - ZK4,045.12

Dip for the control of ticks, kills lice and mange mites in cattle. Controls ticks, sheep scab and kills itch and goat manage mites in sheep and goats.

Oxpecker Compatible

Active Ingredients: Amitraz 25%

Use: For external use on cattle, sheep, and goats. Do not mix with any other dips

Dilution rate: 100ml/100L

Recommendations for cattle:

Spraying: Dip wash should be freshly prepared for each spraying. Add required amount of Ecotraz to 10L water to make a premix in a suitable container. When well mixed add to measure bulk water in spray race and stir thoroughly.

Dipping: Lime stabilized

Fresh fill: Add Ecotraz at the rate of 1L per 1000L water added. At the same time add 5kg lime per 1000L water added

Replenishment: Add Ecotraz at the rate of 1L per 1000l water added. At the end of each dipping, lime must be added to the tank at the rate of 5kg per 100 head of cattle dipped to              ensure that the dip wash pH is in the region of 12.


Ticks and mange – Spray/dip weekly

Lice – Spray/dip twice with a 7 day interval


Recommendations for sheep and goats:

2 dippings using fresh unstabilized dip wash. Ecotraz should be added at the rate of 1L per 750L water, taking the total amount of water in the tank into consideration.


A fresh unstabilized wash for the first dipping, which is then stabilized with the addition of lime at the rate of 4kg lime per 750L dip wash, added immediately after the initial dipping. This stabilized dip wash is now suitable for the second dipping, 7 days later.

Frequency: Sheep and goats should be dipped twice with a 7 day interval to kill sheep scab, itch and goat mange mites. Ensure that the animals are immersed for approximately 1 minute with the heads being submerged at least 3 times to ensure that the inside of the ears are thoroughly wetted.

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