Fendona 1L

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Long lasting suspension concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of malaria vectors, nuisance and biting flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, mosquitoes.

Composition: Alpha-cypermethrin (Pyrethroid) 60g/L


Hides and skins – 35ml/10L water

Mosquito – 40-85ml/10L water, 160ml/ 10L water

Poultry sheds – 40-85ml/ 10L water

Public health – 40-85ml/ 10L water


Application: Do not mix Fendona 6 with any other chemical.

Half fill the sprayer with clean water. Measure the required volume of Fendona 6 and pre-mix this with some water. Add this mixture to the water in the sprayer. Fill the sprayer with water to the required level and shake the sprayer well to ensure proper mixing or ensure continual mechanical or hydraulic agitation before spraying commences. Prepared spray mixture must not be left in the spray tank for any length of time e.g. overnight.

Fendona 6 spray mixture is colourless and odourless and can be used indoors or outdoors, in and around homes, factories, hotels, shops, food handling and processing establishments, hospitals, schools, dairy parlours, piggeries, stables, poultry houses, dog kennels, refuse dumps and similar places where high levels of hygiene are required.


Weight 1050 g
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