Lambda 1L

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Emulsifiable concentrate contact and stomach insecticide for the control of insects such as bollworm in soya beans and tomato and stalk borer in maize.

Composition: Lambda-cyhalothrin (pyrethroid) 50g/L


Tomato: Bollworm – 7.5ml/ 100ml water.

Soya beans: Bollworm – 120ml/ ha. Apply as soon as infestation is noticed and repeat if necessary. Apply in 200 to 300 litres water per hectare and ensure good coverage of the plants.

Maize: Stemborer, Stalkborer – 100ml-120ml/ha. Apply 250 to 500 litres water per hectare depending on plant size. Scout fields at weekly intervals from time of flowering and commence spraying when infestation is noticed. For optimum control, larvae should be sprayed when they are not bigger than 1 cm but before they exceed 2 cm in length. Scout fields weekly or 3 days after rain, and repeat application if necessary.

Sorghum: Maize stalkborer – 1ml/100 m row. Apply 3 litres water during the funnel stage when 5 % of the plants show shothole damage and borers have not yet migrated into the stalks. Direct application into funnel. Chilo partellus present at time of application will also be controlled.



Half fill the spray tank with clean water. Effectiveness can be affected by very hard water, and/or water with a high or low pH value. The ideal pH is between 5 and 8.  Add an acidifier/buffer to the volume of water in mixing tank and ensure pH is correct. Take approximately 10 litres of this pH corrected water from the mixing tank and thoroughly mix with the required volume Lambda, if any other product is to be mixed with Lambda, the required volume of this product must be pre-mixed in a similar way. Agitate the water in the spray tank and then add the product(s) to the tank in the following sequence (as applicable): acidifier/buffer or adjuvant, suspension concentrate, water soluble concentrate, emulsifiable concentrate. Fill the spray tank with water to the required level while maintaining agitation to ensure thorough mixing. Maintain agitation during application. Prepared spray mixtures must not be left in the spray tank for any length of time, e.g. overnight.

Ensure that thorough penetration and wetting is obtained. Monitor efficacy within 3 days after application. A further application may be necessary if unacceptable levels of control have been obtained.

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