Novatek Lamb Maker 30Kg

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Novatek lamb maker is a high protein grower-fattening concentrate specifically for the use in sheep and goats.

The concentrate can be used in different ratios as listed and other raw materials to formulate a lamb fattening ration. It comes standard with ionophores as well as essential minerals and vitamins which will optimize energy utilization in the rumen.

Feeding instructions:

 TMR system: start adapting them by supplying the starter ration ad lib (free access) for 10 days, where after animals may move over to grower-finisher ration.

Cafeteria system: this basically means that the hay fed on a continuous ad lib (free access) basis away from the mixed concentrate. The adaptation period will be as follows.

Flush feed:

the cafeteria grower can be supplied to Rams or Ewes (4 to 6 weeks before breeding) at 300g to 600g/head/day depending on their body condition.

Urea warning:

This farm feed contains NPN (non-protein nitrogen) sources and must therefore be fed strictly according to instructions for use.

Clink here for the detailed flier : https://www.novatekfeeds.com/downloads/15_Appr_Lamb_Maker.pdf

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