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ZK102.77 - ZK205.54

Highly effective broad-spectrum solution for management of various sucking and chewing pests in various crops such as maize, cotton, and tobacco.

Composition: Monocrotophos 40%


Crop Pest Rate/Ha
Maize Stalk borer, shoot fly 625ml
Cotton Bollworms, Red spider mites, jassids, thrips, white flies 1000-2000ml
Tobacco Leaf miner, loopers, aphids, budworms, armyworms 625ml
Coffee Bug, leaf minor 625ml
Citrus Aphids 625ml
Potato Tuber moth, aphids, cutworm 625ml
Sugarcane Shoot borer, mealy bug, pyrilla 1500-2000ml


Application: Mix the required amount of Phoskill in small quantity of water and then add remaining in water to provide uniform coverage. Use 500 to 1000 litres of water per hectare.

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1L, 500ml

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