Snow Success 72 Wp 1Kg

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Excellent systemic and contact fungicide with protective and curative actions on a wide range of diseases particularly downy mildew and blights in agricultural crops such as tomoato, cucumber, and beans.

Composition: Mancozeb 80g/kg + Carbendazim 640g/kg


Crop Diseases kg/ha grams/20L of water Spraying Interval (days) Pre harvest Interval (days)
Tomatoes Early & late blight 3.0/3.5 60-70 7-10 3
Potatoes Early blight 2.5 50 10-14 7
Beans Beans blight 2.5 50 10-14 14
Cucurbits Cucumber blight 2.5 50 10-14 3


Application: Half fill the spray tank with clean water, add the required amount of Snow Success 72WP, then add the remaining amount of water as per dosage. Mix well, then agitate before and when spraying. Apply when the weather conditions favour development of disease or when signs/ symptoms appear. Repeat at 7-14 days interval.

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