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Emulsifiable concentrate acaricide for the control of cattle ticks, paralysis tick, lice and mango mites in cattle.

Active Ingredient:  Amitraz 12,5%


Livestock Rate Meat Milk
Cattle 400ml/200L Water 7 days 7 hours
Sheep or goat 400ml/100L Water 7 days Allow 4 days before milking
Pig 400ml/100L Water 14 days


Application: Premix Amitraz with water before adding into dip. Pour measured amount of amitraz into a suitable container half full of water, stirring continuously until completely mixed. Then empty the mixture into a dip bath. Mix the wash by stirring, allowing 20-25 animals to go to dip before 4 dipping operations will help to mix the dip. These animals should go through the dip again for proper tick control. The level of the dip should be at least 1 foot above the entry point.

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100ml, 1L

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