Syngenta Actellic Gold Dust 200G

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Dustable powder insecticide for use against grain storage pests, the Larger Grain borer (LGB), grain weevil, red flour beetle and lesser grain beetle in maize.

Composition: 16g/Kg Pirimiphos-methyl + 3.6g/Kg Thiamethoxam

Rate:  50 g of Actellic Gold Dust per 100 kg of grain.


Using a clean floor or a clean plastic plane on which the thrashed kernels are placed, distribute evenly Actellic Gold Dust on the kernels by continuous shuffling of the kernels. This allows and enhances the distribution and recovery of Actellic Gold Dust on the kernel surface.  Mix kernels well for a few minutes, then store the treated kernels in clean bags.

Actellic Gold Dust must be applied on fresh harvested grains, prior to being bagged. The treated maize can be consumed after two weeks.

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