Upl Maize Weed Killer 1L

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Pre and early post emergence herbicide for the control of most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in maize.

Composition: Atrazine 25% + Cynazine 25% SC

Rate:  Overall application is best carried out in spray volumes of 200L/Ha for ground application, for knapsack spraying choose a sprayer pressure of 1.5 bar with purple nozzle. A full drum of clean water will cover 1 hectare

Application: Rates of application is dependent on soil clay content and organic matter. Always use lower rates on higher soils. Best results with pre and post emergence application of Maize Weed Killer can be achieved when applied to a moist fine and weed free seedbed. Maize weed killer needs to be moved into the weed root zone within 7 days of application by either rainfall or irrigation. Hence it is recommended to apply when rain is expected and is enough to wet the top 30-50 mm soil.

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