Vega Top 250g

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Water dispersible powdered, broad-spectrum fungicide and insecticide for seed treatment on crops.

Composition: Difenoconazole 20g/kg, Thiamethoxam 200g/kg, Metalaxyl-M 200g/kg


 Cotton 2.5g Vega Top /kg seed,

10.45 ml water/kg seed

 Maize 2.5 Vega top/kg seed,

6.5ml water/ kg seed

Vegetables 2.5 Vega Top/ kg seed,

8.5-18.5ml water/kg seed


As powder: Pre-moisture seeds: Apply 1-2L of water per 100kg of seeds and agitate to moisten seeds. Apply Vega Top as a powder using any standard or homemade seed treatment equipment.

Using a plastic bag: Strong plastics bags of 5 to 10L must be used. Add 5g of Vega Top to the bag, pour 20ml of water into the bag and mix. Add 2 kg of seed to the bag and gently shake the bag for approximately 1 minute. Let the seed dry. Once the seeds have dried, the treated seeds are ready for planting. The plastic bag must be destroyed after treatment.

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