Akheri Powder 50g

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Akheri Powder is for domestic use against: – Cockroaches, Fleas, Ants and any other crawling insects: Dust the affected area.It is also used in Poultry, Dogs, Goats and Cats against Lice, Fleas and Ticks: Dust your animals thoroughly. Active Ingredients: Carbaryl 5% w/w Lambdacyhalothrin 0.1% w/w

Akheri Powder is used against Lice, Fleas and Ticks in Poultry, Dogs, Cats and Goats.  Dust your animals thoroughly. It can be used once a week for effective treatment.

Akheri Powder is also for domestic use against Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas and other crawling insects – ensure that you dust the affected area as well as the animals that are in the vicinity to avoid reinfestation.  It is extremely effective, and lice, fleas and ticks are repelled almost immediately.

After use, wash hands thoroughly with soap to remove any residue.

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