Snow Shrf

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ZK30.25 - ZK42.00

Broad spectrum fungicide, contact and systemic in nature with protective and curative action. It is effective to control fungal diseases in a wide range in field crops like fruits and vegetables.

Composition: Mancozeb 63% + Carbendazim 12%


Crop Disease Dose/Ha Dose/10L Waiting Period
Tomatoes Blight rots 500g 20g 2-3weeks
Cabbage Rot 500g 20g 2-3weeks
Eggplant Blight, rot 500g 20g 2-3weeks
Tobacco Frog eye, mildew 500g 20g 60 days
Citrus Fruit rot, leaf spot 500g 20g


60 days
Groundnuts Blight rust 500g 20g 60 days


Application: Apply at initial appearance or first symptoms for good preventative action.

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250g, 200g

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