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ZK25.00 - ZK242.00

Contact and systemic insecticide, targeted at pod borer, green bug, black aphid, thrips, shoot fly, bug mite, leaf miner etc. Most effective solution for multiple pests that damage stored grains.

Composition: Aluminuim Phosphide 560g/kg


Crop Dosage Airing Time
Bulk grain loosely piled or in silo bins 2-5 per ton Depend on construction of individual silo
Bagged grain in stacks 1-2 per m3 3 hours
Tobacco in bales, cases ½-1 per m3 Bales; min: 48 h

All other; 72 h

Packaged processed food and animal feed 1-3 per m3 48 hours
Space fumigation: warehouse, mills 2-3 per m3  



Bulk fumigation: Apply by means of a probe or an automatic dispenser and immediately cover with gas-proof sheets or close the silo airtight.

Fumigation of packed commodities: Place tablets without touching each other on trays around or beneath stacks and ensure thorough sealing of the edges of the sheets with the ground.

Space fumigation: For mill/ warehouse fumigation seal completely and place tablets on trays without touching each other and evenly distribute taking into consideration space volume and local conditions.

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