Shumba Supermax 200G

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Grain and cereal protectant dust for protection against stored grain insect and pests such as weevils, larger & lesser grain borers, moths, dried bean beetle.

Composition: Pirimiphos methyl 1.00%, Deltamethrin 0.13%

Rate: Add 25g of shumba using the closure/lid of the container (one heaped lidful) to one bag of maize/grain and mix thoroughly. Note: One filled lid holds 25g. One 200g container will treat 8 x 50kg bags.

Application: Clean out the store/granary first and treat the walls and floors by sprinkling Shumba. Grain must be treated at the time of storing and must be shelled and free from infestation. It is important to mix the grain thoroughly after treatment preferably using a shovel.

Treatment and mixing is done either on a clean cemented or plastic protected surface. Grain treated according to the recommended rates and directions on this label will be protected for at least twelve (12) months.

Weight 250 g
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