Snow Thane M-45

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ZK30.00 - ZK114.95

Broad spectrum protective fungicide that controls a wide range of fungal diseases on a variety of crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, fruits and other crops.

Composition: Mancozeb 80% wp


Crop Disease Rates: grams/ 20L water Rates: grams/ 100L water
Potatoes Early & Late Blight 50 250
Tomatoes Early & Late Blight 50 250
Onions Purple Blotch 50 250
Cucurbits Early & Late Blight 50 50 when plants are 7-12cm high or at first sign of disease
Field Beans, peas Scab leaf, spot rust, downy mildew 50 50


Application: Half fill the spray tank with clean water, add the required amount of Snow Thane M-45, then add the remaining amount of water as per dosage. Mix well, then agitate before and when spraying. Pre harvest interval (PHI)- 7-14 days.


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250g, 1kg

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