Wet Sulf Gold

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Non-systemic, broad spectrum contact and protective fungicide with acaricidal activity on scabs, powdery mildew and red spider mites on crops such as vegetables and flowers.

Composition: Sulphur – 80% w/w

Rate:  Vegetables, flowers, cofee:

Crop Disease Rates Interval
Vegetables Powdery mildew 40-60g/20L or 2-3kg/Ha 7-10 days
Tomatoes Powdery mildew, tomato rust mite 40-60g/20L or 2-3kg/Ha 7-10 days
Beans Red spider, thrips 40-60g/20L or 2-3kg/Ha 7-10 days


Application: Apply wetsulf at 300-1000L of water per hectare. Spray applications for wetsulf should always be made in the morning or evening when ambient temperatures are below 24 degrees celcius. Start spraying as soon as the disease sets in.

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500g, 1kg

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